Wkk-251-cathen my boy was about 12 or so (he’s 16 now-gasp), my mom gave him a “little kid’s” t-shirt. She always did that to me too, so it was good to see it wasn’t just me being cranky about it. She always bought me the dorkiest shirts on the bargain rack. (I think I used the “Hang in There Baby” to clean up barf.)  I didn’t get shirts with this guy. I got shirts with trucks that said “Keep on Truckin.” At least they weren’t Garanimals. That was a standard insult if we perceived someone to be rolling too little kid.

Anyway, the boy refused to wear the shirt and it disappeared into the “travesty of an atrocity” that is his room. Then the call from his own mom went out that he should cull the dresser/laundry pile for the donation pile. This is when I see the shirt for the first time.

Kickin' it Old School
Kickin’ it Old School

It was like the first time I saw the original Quiet Stick. I was like, “You’re getting rid of this?!” The wife was all, “Don’t you dare,” but by then it was too late. I was already wearing it. I also liked the blue piping on the collar and sleeves, along with the kinda tight fit. Very 70s.

That was a year or so ago. As my family and friends can attest, it’s my favorite shirt. So fave that the wife became resigned to it, and worried that I would wear it out before I had a chance to appear on Survivor in it. So she took a pic and circulated it in her vast network, and… et voila! One of her home-girls found one on Pinterest, and I now have two! It still sort of bugs her that I wear it (them) so often, and it’s a running gag for me to ask, “Guess what I’m doing?” She will forget about the shirt and answer, “What?” And I get to point triumphantly at the happy dino and say, “I’m kickin’ it OLD SCHOOL.”

Know what I’m doing right now?

That’s right.

I was going over the class page remodel and looking at past versions of it, and I reread an article that the old page had a featured link to for a long time. The article was written in 1998, which, believe it or not it, is probably considered old school these days. The article was called, “Seventeen Reasons Football is Better Than High School” and makes a pretty good case.  Especially since he says he hates football:

I use it because I hate football. It’s been said that football combines the two worst elements of American society: violence and committee meetings. You can substitute “music” or “theater” or “soccer” for “football,” and everything I say will stay the same; so when I say that football is better than school, what I really mean is that even football is better than school.

I especially like these:

#4. In football, a player can let the team down.

#6.  In football, the unexpected happens all the time.

#11. In football, the better players teach the less-skilled players.

#13. In football, the adults who participate are genuinely interested. 

#17. In football, a public performance is expected.

Go read the article here.