When I tried to put the ellipsis dots (…) as a title, my blog software couldn’t cope, and title in the permalink became 1903. So I’ll just call this entry 1903…

Today I witnessed another sign of the continuing de-evolution of seventh graders  — isn’t each succeeding generation supposed to get smarter? We were working on apostrophes, and  they were doing ok until…

#11. (Lets/Let’s) go to the store.

Two-thirds of them picked “Lets.” And to add insult to injury, they thought I was joking when I reminded them that “let’s” is a contraction for “let us.”

“Wha? Lettuce? What are you talking about?”

OMG, second day back from vacation, and they’re already wearing me down…

46 more days…

Awhile back I talked about how the head of our district instructional services department had to finally track me down in my classroom to get me to show up for an EL in-service. I suggested to her that the way things ended up — with her coming to observe me and then sticking around after to talk about the things she saw, and how I could incorporate  some of the stuff she was pitching into my routine — might be the way to do things for everybody. She was surprisingly receptive to the idea…

Last week I got an e-mail from our assistant superintendent thanking me for the new in-service idea, and that it will send their staff development in a whole new direction they hadn’t considered before.

Groovy. I guess being passive-aggressive sometimes has its place…

I decided to go for it, and read Tom Sawyer again. I’ve decided to trust in the power of the wiki. I wrote about the Tom Sawyer wiki last year, and will again this year soon, but for now you can go check out how they’re doing by heading for the Moodle. I think they’re looking good so far with minimal instruction from me…

They couldn’t cope when I explained to them what Aunt Polly’s Bible quote meant:

“Spare the rod, and spile the child, as the good book says.”

They all thought it meant to spoil kids.

“You guys are all forgetting the rod part,” I held up my stick. “Rod.”


“This is a rod. What does spare mean?”

“Like don’t use.”

“Exactly. So if we don’t hit you, use the rod on you, we’re spoiling you. Aunt Polly thinks she’s going to Hell because she’s not hitting Tom enough; she’s being a bad parent.”

“No way!”

“How many of you have been spanked?”

Three-fourths. No lie. Ten years ago, there would have been three OR four.

“Well then…”

Obviously it ain’t working…maybe more rod.