The following rerun was supposed to be posted last night while I was watching the season premiere of Survivor.

As you can probably tell from the title, we are reading The Giver right now. And they are digging it. You know how it goes with this one:

“This is weird.”

Yes. It is. I told you it would be.

“What do they do all day?”

Work. Go to school. Eat. Etc. Talk about feelings. Haha.

“But there’s no shoooooopping!”

But even the ones who have read it…

(Aside: I HATE THAT. When some stoopid elementary teacher thinks that their kids “can handle that book now” or “I have a great unit on that” and blithely hijacks your book. Sorry…but one year I even had a kid who had read Outsiders in 6th grade and the teacher had used all my shtuff for the unit. “I already did all that!” AAAAARGH!)

…are still asking all kinds of questions during the daily Q/A that I have before the quiz on the night’s reading. Most of the questions are the same as the ones I get every year. See if you can guess the questions from the answers I gave:

“I don’t know exactly. I guess it’s probably something like they use for cattle and horses. Sort of like a turkey baster.” (This year we had to surf to Amazon to show a significant percentage of the class what a turkey baster is.)

“You probably should have ‘that talk’ with your dad.”

“You learned about that in the genetics unit in science. They probably just turned off that set of genes.”

“That one is answered in the book.”

“Ummm. Probably bulldozers and dynamite.”

“Chapter 19.”

But there is one question I always answer with a question: “How does the Giver transfer the memories to Jonas by touching his back?”

My answer is always: “How does Harry Potter fly around on a broom?”

And there is always a chorus of response to that: “MAGIC!”


So we talked about “suspension of disbelief” and how we just have to accept that’s how things work in this world. One class was still having trouble with it though. They kept wondering why everyone couldn’t be trained to do what Jonas is doing. Now I have never read any Harry Potter nor seen the movies. (Except for about 10 minutes of one. It had some annoying little pale thing with a really grating voice.) My boy went through that phase a few years ago (Team LOTR now), so that’s my only real exposure. I do know what a muggle is though. Sudden inspiration.

“Well Jonas and the Giver are sort of like Harry and Dumbledork. (Break for outrage and laughter.) And the rest of the community is all muggles.” (Is that word supposed to be capitalized?)

“Ooooh! I get it! (pause) But what about Gabriel? Is he a wizard? He has the pale eyes!”

“I guess we’ll find out.”