OMG! Twenty Five Years! Plus Ca Change…

Tomorrow begins my 25th year at Laguna Middle School. It was Laguna Junior High when I started. That ain’t the only thing that’s changed around here. We used to have the oldest staff in the district. Now it’s all young uns and noobs. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, as Jerry Seinfeld used to […]

Rerun: PIA -3 (2011)

Tomorrow is Friday; test day. Tomorrow will be Test #15, because we are in the 15th week of school, and we have a test every week. But this being junior high and all, there are still those getting used to the idea. “What are we doing today?” “What day is it?” “Friday!” “And…?” “It’s Friday!” […]

Rerun: Dr. Crankenstein (2010)

I’ve been a little cranky lately. The sticks and swords are out a lot more often, and the growling has gotten more frequent. I’m having trouble myself coping with annoying people without punching them in the face. Maybe it’s the time of year. Six years ago at this time, I was also cranky. Maybe it’s […]

My Classroom Crew (Inanimate Division)

If you’re a regular reader (I know there are at least three of you), you know that I rely heavily on the work of my loyal and diligent student assistants. They are all better organized and neater than I am, and they allow me to get a whole lot more done and a whole lot […]

BTSN Rerun

Back to School Night #21. Big crowd. Today’s column was mostly going to be a scan/pic of my hastily scrawled notes for this year’s gig. I must say that I really outdid myself in several areas, sheer sloppiness being one of those areas. And it really paid off. I think it was one of the […]

Heavy Mental

I’m supposed to be getting ready for my trip to Vegas. My dad is turning 75, and he’s taking his four sons to Vegas. (Yes, I know; my poor mom.) We’re going to a place that lets you operate those big excavators for a few hours, and dig holes and drive around and such. I’m […]

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