Today, we were working on dependent and independent clauses. The bonus question on the warm up was:

When you use a dependent clause as a “sentence,” that mistake is called a ________ .

The answer we are looking for is “fragment.”

Ok, so… One of the things I like to do is give hints about answers to the warm up questions that refer to other things we have done. Earlier in the year we had had  a grammar sheet about fragments and run-ons. During that time we kept referring to it as the FRO sheet. We talked about spotting and avoiding FROs. It was a thing for awhile.

So today I figure I will refer to that sheet in my hinting for the bonus question.

First I draw a picture of a guy with an afro and gesture at his ‘fro.

A chorus: “Hair?”

“Yeah, the answer to the bonus is “hair.”

Several geniuses start furiously writing.

“Stop. What kind of hair?”

“Red!” I had used a red pen. Silly me.

“Stop. What kind of hair?”


“And we usually leave off the A, don’t we? So…?”

The same geniuses start writing “fro” down in their notebooks.

“Stop. Now think… Didn’t we have a grammar sheet that we kept calling the FRO sheet? What was it about?”



The camera now pans over to “Kily.” Kily is one of those who preface nearly every question with “I have a question.” She too is an astronaut. When last we met her, she was caught in the “Please use other door” loop. Now she appears deep in thought. She even tugs at her chin a bit. Finally she raises her hand, and when I call on her, she doesn’t start with the usual intro. Maybe because what she is about to say is not so much a question, as a… speculation? Reminiscence?  Memory jogging? Whatever you call it, in the end it was pure gold.

“Didn’t we have a handout about these things… these things called…”

This one needs its own line.


We pretty much couldn’t talk about anything but fronouns for awhile after that.