Another question I get a lot is:
“What does a typical period in your class look like?”

As all we teachers know, there is no such thing as a typical day. However, as I have said many times, middle-schoolers crave routine, so there IS a certain groove to my class.

Mondays are for going over the homework for the week, and taking/going over the spelling or academic word pretest for the week (I alternate those each week). Wednesdays are always vocabulary days, and Fridays are for Mental Floss and the weekly test. And then within each class period there is also usually a routine.

Rather than writing about that routine, since we’re on vacation now, and I’m feeling sporty, I’m going to show not tell, in cartoon style.  Well, doodle style anyway. That might take a little longer, but for you it’s worth it.

Here’s the first panel. I’ll be finished with the rest soon. I drew it with one of my wireless slates, like I use in the classroom.