Even if you teach somewhere other than California, no doubt you’ve heard of the atrocity that is our state budget. If you teach in California, and you aren’t a 30+ year veteran, and/or you don’t teach in one of a handful of basic aid districts, you’re probably facing a pink slip. Today we were wearing pink to show solidarity and support. I forgot to wear my pink shirt, but the union had given us pink plastic ribbons (made out of the stuff they use to warn you about rebar sticking up), and I went Karate Kid stylie, wearing it as a headband. I was doing “wax on, wax off” all day. (And telling them that the Karate Kid was played by the same guy who played Johnny in the Outsiders movie.) Also explaining things like how 250/550 teachers in the district just south of here received notice today.

Being Friday/Test Day, it’s also Doodle Theme Day. So in keeping with the spirit of Pink Friday, the theme today was: What if Mr. Coward got the axe? Show him in an alternative career. Boy howdy, judging from from some of the responses, if I ever do get pink slipped, I’m in trouble. Here’s a partial list. I’ll have my girls (student assistants) scan the best doodles, and I’ll put up a gallery next week. Meanwhile, here’s a sampling of the “occupations.”

Two had me working at Mac’s Lounge (McDonald’s). One had me in a pizza suit waving a sign, shilling for a restaurant. At least three, knowing my hatred for cell phones, had me working in a cell phone hut. Rambo in Pink.(?) Bus driver. The new Super Nanny. Three hobos, all living in cardboard boxes. Santa’s Little English Helper (you’ll have to wait for the scan for that one). The new Mr. Rogers. Truant officer with a “tricked out police car” and “wacky gadgets” to “terrorize kids” with. Dictionary author. Joke stand operator. Guitarist in DEWT (Dancing Elf Warrior Troupe).

Oh baby.  The rest and the pics next time.