(to: my vice principal – 11/18/11)


You know I was reluctant to let my room be the holding cell for your permanent lunch detention crew. At first things were pretty good, so I thought I was being a bit hasty in worrying so much, but in the last few days…

There’s been some food on the floor. Mostly those large grapes from the cafeteria. A pizza crust Tuesday, but almost every day this week there has been a grape here and grape there. I think they’re mostly concentrated close to that stage area that I have by the front door.

Two got squished on the floor, one got squished on a desk, and Jimmy N. ate one from under his desk today.

He said it was tasty. I know, eww. But he was too quick for me and we all thought he was joking.

Could you please have the wardens in charge start having the crims detail the room before the bell rings?  And please start opening the doors a bit before lunch ends to air the place out. It smelled like chicken yesterday.

Other than that it’s been ok.

Thanks a lot.