You all, I’m sure, know that feeling of dread that you get after a long break–like Christmas, or a two week spring break–where you had all these things you were going to get done, and you were going to come back so ready, and you weren’t going to last-minute it again, and you had all these new things you were going to try, and you ain’t done a thing except sleep in and eat out a lot, and now it’s “Sunset on a Sunday,” and you ain’t done your homework, and you know that you’re just going to go to bed because anything else seems too overwhelming, but then you won’t be able to sleep much because your mind is reeling with all the shtuff you didn’t do, and you start calculating how much time you need in the morning, and counting down how few hours you have left to sleep, so you had better just get to sleep, but you can’t because…

Right? Right.

So I’m in the shower with just this feeling, and wondering whether I can force myself to put in an hour before giving up…obviously not, because I’m here, and d’oh, Simpsons is on… ┬ábe back in 30.

Ok, I’m back.

So I’m feeling this dread, and wondering if I can… and then this song comes on and makes me forget that I even care about tomorrow being Monday.


See you tomorrow after work.