There are a couple of younger teachers on our staff who occasionally take a couple minutes out of a day and make the kids each write a thank you note to a teacher. One in particular does it fairly regularly, and he obviously has a stash of free blank generic cards and envelopes that he gives out, so they look a little classier than the usual ripped-out-of the-notebook kind.

Now those of you who have been here before know that I am not really into that sort of thing, but even I get stoked now when I see a little stack of mini envelopes with Mr. Coward scrawled, calligraphied, and everything in betweened on the front.

Even yours truly is not totally immune to a little nice word or two, even if forced.

A lot of them are variations on being grateful for the fun-ness of the class. This guy pretty much sums up a lot of those messages:

Dear Mr. Coward, Thank you for being an amazing English teacher. I thought all English teachers are boring, but I was wrong. Thank you.

Quite a few of them leave the first e out of awesome.

Most of them at least say they are grateful for learning something:

Thank you Mr. Coward for advancing my English skills…

A few are grateful for my mercy:

Thank you for not stepping on my phone that one time…

Or that I don’t have any:

Thank you for always whooping people into shape when they’re being annoying…

But today in my box, I got the best one yet. This missive is from an eighth grader whom I had last year, and obviously she too liked the “whooping” aspect of the class. She always had the most serene, I’m-above-all-this air to her that I never… Sure I caught the eye rolling at stupid comments and the knowing smirks when I insulted the whole class and almost nobody got it, but I never expected…

Dear Mr. Coward, Thank you very much for being my 7th grade teacher. You helped me learn how to cope with incredibly annoying students and not punch them in the face. I hope I’m not too awful of an 8th grader.

This is really why we do this.