(Update: I thought of a better title.) One of our pe teachers sets up many of our lunchtime activities. The kids just finished with a volleyball tourney over the course of a couple of weeks’ worth of lunches. The teams went by first period/homie base class, the games drew  a mob of spectators, and the winners of the tourney at each grade level played the faculty team. They were crushed–I had nothing to do with the victory, I’m busy eating at lunch–but a good time was had by all. He also does a March Madness basketball tourney, a World Cup soccer tourney, and in between he opens the gym for stuff like paddle tennis and dodge-ball.

Phew. I’ve never seen him eat.

And that ain’t all. Once a week, he also runs “Chess in the Quad,” with boards all over the place and kids kibitzing 3-deep, as well as “Music in the Quad,” where the kids get to bring in their own mixes and such. One downside is that those are both on the same day of the week, so the chess players are trying to think two moves ahead with Nicki Minaj thumping six feet away. And I mean thumping. That portable PA they use for the dancing units gets a workout.

It’s still pretty cool to see, and even cooler that he does it all out of the goodness of his heart on his own time.

So yesterday during the announcements over the PA during homies, the reader came to the one about Music in the Quad at lunch that day. There was a reggae theme happening, so the tagline said something like,

“Today at lunch, we have Music in the Quad, and our theme this week is ‘Time to Get Irie’…”

The problem is I believe the reader was unfamiliar with the Rastafarian term that means “feeling good” or “at peace with oneself” or “highest state of feeling great.” Cough cough.

So the word was pronounced eerie. And the announcement went like this,

“…the theme this week is ‘Time to Get Eerie’ with Bob Marley and…”

Ooooooh scary.