The votes are in, and have been tabulated. No, this isn’t about the homework poll. Although, thanks to those of you who have taken the trouble to contribute. I know all that clicking is sort of wearing. (Hello Erica B! Of course I remember you!) I’ll leave it active for a while, and see how many responses I can collect. So far — OK, I guess this is about the homework poll now — I have been surprised by the fact that about a quarter of you give 5-7 minutes or less homework per night. I have always taken (more than) my fair share of the kids’ homework time. Like I tell them, “There are two subjects you have to pass in order to move on to 8th grade: math and English. And, you’ll notice which one is capitalized.” I figure I should get at least 20 minutes/4 days a week out of them. I was also surprised by the small percentage assigned to grammar and mechanics practice. Until I realized, that now that I have changed our “Pink Sheets” (grammar and mechanics worksheet/lessons) from homework to our new PSP’s (Pink Sheet Pairs, where they work together on the sheets, and click in a pretest or two with their partner, and then another one solo in order to earn exemption on Friday), my percentage is probably that low now too. More on this story as it develops. (That’s kind of fun to say.)

OK, back to what this started out being about. Last Friday’s doodle theme was “What if Mr. Coward got Pink-Slipped?” I previewed the results earlier, but now my girls have tallied everything up, and scanned in some examples.



The total tally:

2 Mac’s Lounge Workers
1 Hippie
1 Movie Ticket Seller
1 Ballerina
2 Cops (1 a truant officer)
4 Cell Phone Salesmen (1 in a cell phone suit)
1 Dictionary Author
1 Astronaut
1 Clown
1 Joke Stand Operator
1 Cinderella @ Disneyland
1 Super Nanny
3 Hobos
1 Guitarist in Dancing Elf Warrior Troupe
1 Replacement Guitarist in KISS
1 Bus Driver
1 YOUTUBE Worker
1 Robo-Gangsta
1 Santa’s Little English Helper
1 New Mr. Rogers
2 Pizza Guys (1 in a pizza suit)
1 Scuba Diver (?)
1 New X-Man
1 Actor
1 Pink Rambo
1 Stunt Skater
1 Popple Pet Shop Owner
1 Just Chillin’
1 Cardboard Box Salesman
1 Homer Simpson @ Universal Studios

It’s nice to know I have other skills to fall back on.