Go Visiting!

I had my annual “Goals Meeting” with my principal the other day. In our district, you get the full “Evaluation” every other year, and in between you have to have an educational goal for the year with a meeting at each end of the year more or less. I’m on the off year, and my […]

Looking Out for Number One

I am not a big fan of buzzwords… unless I invent them. But this year at BTSN, I did steal one that I have been hearing quite a bit of ┬álately. And for me, it’s from sort of an unlikely source. Special ed. To tell you the truth, I don’t even know if we’re supposed […]

You Gotta Have a Program!

When I was a kid and lived and died baseball (I gave it up forever after the ’99 strike), I bled St. Louis Cardinal red. And growing up in suburban Sacramento like I did, the only chance I would ever get to see my beloved Redbirds was when they would come to Candlestick Park in […]

Buy Better Erasers

(I’m posting this from my Nookcolor…How cool is that?) We had a meeting yesterday morning–the first day back…after two weeks off…a meeting…in the morning…after two weeks off. Anyway, there was an item about our upcoming STAR testing, and our admins were talking about ways we could raise our scores, since we dropped about 20 points […]

Two Tips

Well I guess I hafta go back to work tomorrow. This whole two-week spring break thing makes one mighty lazy. Sixteen days of sleeping in, plus some mighty fine summer-like weather, and it starts to look an awful lot like summertime. At least with the late Easter this year–funny how the most important of Catholic […]