“Oh Yeah? Great!”

Back to School Night was the earliest ever this year. First week, only four days in. The subtitle of this blog is, “Five Shows a Day, 180 Days a Year.” But that’s not quite accurate. On BTSN day, we do TEN shows. The parental units walk through the kids’ schedules with 10-minute periods, which I […]

Ch..ch…ch…Changes! Oh Jhonny!

Days since last post: undisclosed. Days until kids start: 8. Days until “professional development” begins: -2. Yes, it has already begun. And oh my, it’s going to be quite a year. 1. Our staff, which had been one of the oldest in the district (and crabbiest and hardest to manage), has been seeing quite a few retirements, […]

The Wheel Has Already Been Invented (Rerun. Because I’ve Earned It.)

Back in the day, before I started teaching, I worked for many years at the Ernie Ball Company. I made guitar strings on piecework, I made volume pedals, I worked in the woodshop and helped make electric guitars and basses. When I was in the woodshop, Ernie (his real name was Roland, and his grandson, […]

BTSN Rerun

Back to School Night #21. Big crowd. Today’s column was mostly going to be a scan/pic of my hastily scrawled notes for this year’s gig. I must say that I really outdid myself in several areas, sheer sloppiness being one of those areas. And it really paid off. I think it was one of the […]

“Congratulations! You’ve won a free oven mitt!”

(BTW: This counts for Friday.) When you give the kids a chance to ask you off-topic questions, they are so bereft of imagination, all you get is a series of  “what’s yer fave?” or “if you could be any…” Gawd. Really? I rarely give them that chance because, 1) I am a fervent disciple of […]

Day One: Year Twenty-One

More dot dot dotness… I know it’s a cliche in this bidness, but it does seem like the kids get younger-looking/acting every year. I know it’s just me getting old, but still… some of them this year look/act like they’re about five. But they are pretty dang polite this year. In the seventh grade quad*… “Excuse […]

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