The New Guys Part I: That’s Mr. McCaw to You!

I know that at least a few of you out there are fans of the Inanimate Division of my Classroom Crew. Well, we have an update for you Crewpies. (Is that too weird?) First, Clicker Guy has a new ‘do. He’s done with hats, he’s let his hair grow out, and he is busting an […]

Professor Picanumba

Every Friday is test day. And like everything in my class, there’s a routine. First: They record their warm up scores, squiggles on handouts, and extra credit for the week in a form at the top of the test. Like this: Test 8. Name:                                                                       Date:                        Period: Sentence Combining:___/10   Spelling Crossword: ___/10 […]

Classroom Royale

Continuing yesterday’s breakdown of the classroom as casino metaphor. Hmmmm. We left off yesterday with Mr. Lee’s observation that casinos bombard you with lights and sound, and since this is the intro to his section on the physical setup of a “happy” classroom, I assume that he’s going to make some sort of connection. Are […]

Classroom as Casino

Let’s just get to it. I’ve been itchin’ to talk about a few items, but I ain’t had time lately. (My dad’s actual 75th birthday, a new quarter starting–the final one; only 38 days to go, not that I’m counting or anything–the catch-up after a long break, and etc.) Go. Item One: The classroom as […]

Classroom Mailbag II

So it’s not tomorrow… First, a correction. During the photo tour of my classroom, I said that I thought I had moved in about 10 years ago. My how time does fly. It was 1996 when I moved into my present digs. My 7th graders weren’t even born yet. (Scary thought, that.) I even found […]

Classroom Mailbag

Rather than replying to comments over there, I figure I can pad my post stats (this one is #201 btw) by answering questions over here. Yes, I am very lucky to have such a large room. It is a beautiful thing. Well, maybe not beautiful. About ten years ago our campus was remodeled and expanded, […]

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