The Last Servant

For years, in referring to my irreplaceable and vital student assistants, I have used the politically incorrect terms slaves and servants. I know it kinda sounds a bit off, but what else do you call someone who has to do what you say and doesn’t get paid for the privilege? It’s always been a tongue-in-cheek […]

Bribery? Maybe. But Who Cares?

At our first faculty meeting of the year, before school started, one of the items that came up was funding for our after-school “math lab” aimed at kids who are having “math issues.” (Don’t most all middle-schoolers have math issues? Just saying.) The math teachers were complaining that the kids who get sent there for […]

Guest Artist: Marion Brady

Here I go again, beating the drum for joining the Middle-L listserv. And once more, I’m linking to a Marion Brady article. I’ve also talked about Marion before. Here’s his latest article, at, about this whole “accountability” ┬áissue that’s become the central feature of our educational system. He makes the point that today’s standardized […]