OK… I signed up for Twitter. I am going to try an experiment. I am going to try to tweet my way through the day/week/year. Twitter is rolling out a new feature where you can collect all of your tweets in one handy list, which is just what I need. These days, by the time […]

The Great Homework Experiment

This time it’s for real. This morning, having my coffee and shingles and news reading before school, I read a blog post by the education lefty (and even though they don’t know it, hero to middle schoolers everywhere) Alfie Kohn, who was railing (again) about the evils of homework. He even used that word, evil. […]

Facebook Wall – Old School

My eighth graders and I started Avi’s Nothing But the Truth today. (Aside: I’m really going to be getting into this for a while, so you might as well go read the book, if you haven’t already. It’ll only take you an hour or two.) And this morning, I thought of a last minute mutation for […]

“I like the old ones better.”

How did it get to be the 23rd? Jeeze Louise, I have been out to lunch lately… Well they say that the longer you teach a particular grade level, they more you become like the students. I already had a head start on that before I started teaching 7th graders. Have I already said that […]

Quizzes for Dummies?

A few years ago, while we were reading Outsiders aloud, I was about to give them my usual “reading check” type quiz to make sure they were following along, thinking about what we’d talked about, connecting the literary terms to the examples in the book, etc. I can’t quite remember what my inspiration was (probably […]