Another Legacy (What Am I Going to Do – Part II)

Ok so… Now (in the story, not literally) it’s a couple of weeks into the summer this year, and we are interviewing for a new full-time English teacher to replace a vet who bolted to Colorado in February and got married to her long-lost childhood sweetheart. Now (as a sentence starter, not as a statement of […]

What Am I Going to Do Now?! (Part I)

(Let’s all just pretend that I have been here this whole time…again.) Twenty-one years ago almost exactly, I was a “young” buck, finished with my first full year of full-time high school teaching. I had worked for that district for two years–my first year I “taught” what they call Independent Study–and there was an unwritten law there […]

Rookie Year – 1991 (Part II)

Our guest artist continues with his glimpse back at mrC’s first real job – teaching independent study stylie – while mrC (his present self)  studies for Saturday’s CTEL test. 1991 – Rich (continued) “Do you have your history homework for me… today?” “I did it. ” It sounds like deed it. “But do you have […]

Guest Artist. From 1991.

I got my credential in 1990. My last cooperating teacher of my student teaching days would have chastised me for using the word got, but there you go. Then I spent a year subbing (sorry, we call it guest teaching now), and I enjoyed that. It was also my in for my current job; someone […]