“Dear Mr. Coward, I just checked Einstein’s grade…”

I was an early advocate for posting grades online. In fact, our site was the first school in the district to have a majority of the teachers posting grades and homework online, thank you very much. We were several years ahead of even the high school. I remember parents who were used to having easy […]

Report Card Day (Rerun 2011)

We just finished the first quarter. I know, really? That was so fast. Glad it’s not just me.  Anyway, grades get sent home this week. “Looks like you should start doggin’ the mailman around Thursday.” That used to be my standard joke line whenever it was report card time. You know, the old intercepting the […]

Que Milagro! No Five Finger Discounts on Red Pens!

Yesterday something happened that has never happened even once in my 20 years here. I knew these kids were nicer than usual. When we correct shtuff in class, whether it’s trade-and-grade or grade-your-own, I almost always hand out red pens. They are paid for by our department. Even if kids are holding their own, I […]

mrC’s 7th Grade Report Card

Of course my parental units also had to visit for my fittieth. (I tell the kids that as a certified English teacher, I have a license to make up and misuse words. Most of them believe it.)  And here’s Mom sporting my 7th grade report card from the school year 1973-1974. So let’s deconstruct this “artifact.”   […]

“Until you have kids here.” (Not already?!)

In my annual Back to School Night spiel to parents I always talk about what a Disneyland we have here. I worked for two years in da hood before I landed this job, and I’ll be here forever. “Like I say to the kids, ‘I’ll be here until you have kids here.’” I’ve been saying […]

Grandma’s Hose

Just a little circle-time sharing… One of my classes just loves to share. I keep telling them I don’t care, but…they keep sharing anyway… I’ve had to institute the “WTP?” rule. What’s the point? “Last night, I ate Chinese food.” “Thanks for sharing. And the point is…?” “Ummm. I thought the Kung Pao chicken was […]

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