I had high hopes for tonight’s post, but it didn’t seem to be going anywhere. I think I am still a little tattered from camping and rocking for four days in the desert. So let’s go to the mailbag. I have ┬áto commiserate a bit with a reader who emailed me after my latest faculty […]


I was going to tell the whole story about how my KBAR program came to be (the granddaughter of the inventer of the name is in my class this year), but since it’s Wednesday and it’s ten minutes until eight, I’ll save the back-story for later and get right down to the nitty-gritty, as someone […]

Mailbag: Writing.

We had today off for some reason. All hail Columbus the Conqueror! I was camping down at beautiful Refugio State Beach. 85 and postcard perfect, right down to the dolphins frolicking 50 yards from the beach. Anyway I’m back, and one of our loyal readers needs a bit of collaboration. I don’t know how many […]

We might need a second page in the dictionary.

OMG. You people rock. Back in the day, when I started using the three-word phrase shtick in my back-to-school night gigs, I used to run through five or six for the parental units, just to illustrate my point about the way middle schoolers “communicate.” A couple of days ago, we were up to 16. Thanks […]

More Mailbag and a New Tom Sawyer Fan.

I like responding to comments over here. It gives me a little more room to “spread myself” as Mark Twain would say. That reminds me. We’re almost finished with Tom Sawyer, and I think more kids than usual are actually enjoying it. I had one kid come up to me at the Open House for […]

Classroom Mailbag II

So it’s not tomorrow… First, a correction. During the photo tour of my classroom, I said that I thought I had moved in about 10 years ago. My how time does fly. It was 1996 when I moved into my present digs. My 7th graders weren’t even born yet. (Scary thought, that.) I even found […]

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