Ouch Indeed

This is a flashback to last spring. I had intended to post this right after it happened, but you know how things can get a little hectic in junior high in the spring. I was an astronaut¬†for awhile there. But I remembered this one yesterday while I was telling the family the cereal killer story. […]

Polish ______?

We’re reading Maus right now, and per usual for the past few years, they are really digging it. “Are we gonna read Vladek today?!” Don’t you just love hearing that kind of question? *Aside: I had a sub a week or two ago, and part of the plan was to continue reading aloud. We do […]

No Soup for You

Most classes finished MAUS I today. Most all of them are riveted. I’ve had three tell me they went out and bought both books for themselves. (We’re making do with class sets of each chapter that my aide and I have xeroxed from my old books.) Half of them aren’t listening to the instructions for […]

MAUS is back. (Rerun)

In my 20 years at this school, I have been stuck with 8th graders exactly three times. This is not one of those years, and since I am now the de facto “Introduction to Video Production” teacher, chances are that I won’t be again any time soon. Whew. Although I did consider asking for a […]