Slow M-ohh-tion

I took a fall skating on Tuesday,  landing on my forearm, jamming my pointy elbow into my rib-cage at 10 mph. In chapter four of The Outsiders, Dally says he cracked a couple of ribs and just needed a place to lay over, after Tim Shepard and he tangled. Then five days later he rescues Jhonny (Thanks for […]

An Unrelated Dog Story

Time out. I just have to tell this story. Sorry, it’s about our dog. I’m sure I could find a way to connect it to teaching  and all, but really, I just have to share this one. Backstory: We got our current dog from the Humane Society about two years ago. Since he’s, you know, […]

Vegas, Baby

I haven’t taken off  three days of instruction since I don’t know when. Sure, I did bolt for three days once (also to Vegas…for the boy’s fourth birthday) while the kids were in the library “researching.” That time I figured that between the sub, the librarian, and her hard-a**ed (in a good way) aide, things […]

Heavy Mental

I’m supposed to be getting ready for my trip to Vegas. My dad is turning 75, and he’s taking his four sons to Vegas. (Yes, I know; my poor mom.) We’re going to a place that lets you operate those big excavators for a few hours, and dig holes and drive around and such. I’m […]


I’ve been one of the walking dead for the past several days (it feels like a hangover–or, ahem, so I’m told– with a cough). I finally called in for a sub this morning. I forgot that practically every math teacher in the district was supposed to be at their version of our “benchmark scoring day.” […]

Argh…Sometimes I Hate Computers!

…even new ones. See you tomorrow. (Guess I coulda’ used Twitter for something like that, huh? Or Springface.)

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