Talk Faster

Faculty Meeting day.┬áMy new name is Faculty Bleating. That’s mine. I have proof in a text to the wife. So don’t even go trying to make it viral and claim credit. Every faculty meeting reminds me of Dr. K. I was “diagnosed” with ADHD back when it was called being hyper, and the Ritalin dosages […]

Kachunk. Kachunk. Kachunk.

On Mondays, the kids start an hour or so later and we have what they call TCT: Teacher Collaboration Time. I have probably talked about this before, but the way the union negotiated it with the district, is that half the Mondays are ours to “collaborate” with each other as we see fit and the […]

The Pitch

I was going to blog some responding to Mrs. M’s links about corporate dollars driving people to bail from the profession on us. I had read her first link, and was already formulating some thoughts, but I had not seen the latest one. Gawd, what are people thinking? I will be back soon to talk […]

Good Morning Ladies and Germs

Yes, I’m back. Yes, I’ma still blogging. Yes, it’s been a while. Hey it was summer, and you all should have lives. Me, I was playing or working on or reading about or talking about (ask the wife) or generally obsessing over pinball. Now, let’s all get back to work. The only other thing I’m […]

Blogging the Faculty Meeting III

Ok, where were we? Ah yes, it’s 3:30, the meeting is finally starting (10 minutes late), my agenda sheet is filled with menacing doodles, and I’m headed back to the snack table for more of those peanut butter cookies. 3:31 – First agenda item: Tardy Policy. OMG. How many times do we have to do […]

Blogging the Faculty Meeting (Part II)

Before we get back to the “action,” I’d like to fill in a few details. Mrs. M had a couple of questions about the duty day and kid supervision. Our official duty day runs from 7:50 – 3:30. (I think; I haven’t looked at the latest contract.) The kids’ day runs from 8:20 – 2:59. […]

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