Rerun: Open Mouth Democracy (2009)

When I wrote the post below back in 2009, I had no idea that our democracy would completely implode this year. Somehow the “correct answer” didn’t float to the surface when it mattered most. sigh. Anyway, this one is from back when I used to do a full-blown 5-6 page research paper thing. And one […]

Open Mouth Returns (Part One), but the Revolution Will NOT Be Televised

Alas, MCTV is now defunct. Let’s just say this: Issues were raised. My free trial with uStream was about to run out. See #1. Watch me go all passive voice here for a bit. It was pointed out that certain objections might be raised, and that there were some parents (even those who might not have […]

Open Mouth Democracy?

First off:  Ok, Ok. I’m starting to find my happy place with research. Thank you for the comments and suggestions; I think next year will be better. You guys gave me some good ideas. We’re working on outlines this week, prepping for research.  Among other activities, I  give them partially completed outlines and word banks […]

Guinea Pigs

I guess the term these days would be lab rats. Maybe Guinea pigs were too cute. Seventh graders make for good experimental subjects too. Kids think we do the exact same thing every year. And being seventh graders, they are of several minds. They think that would make things so easy for us (which is […]

True That.

We had an open mouth quiz on chapter 8 today. One class has several boys who have a new phrase they’re trying out. Personally, I sort of like it. 4) On p127, we get an example of what seems to be foreshadowing. What is it? a) When Two-Bit says that Darry will kill him if […]

Quizzes for Dummies?

A few years ago, while we were reading Outsiders aloud, I was about to give them my usual “reading check” type quiz to make sure they were following along, thinking about what we’d talked about, connecting the literary terms to the examples in the book, etc. I can’t quite remember what my inspiration was (probably […]