“Dear Mr. Coward, I just checked Einstein’s grade…”

I was an early advocate for posting grades online. In fact, our site was the first school in the district to have a majority of the teachers posting grades and homework online, thank you very much. We were several years ahead of even the high school. I remember parents who were used to having easy […]

Looking Out for Number One

I am not a big fan of buzzwords… unless I invent them. But this year at BTSN, I did steal one that I have been hearing quite a bit of ┬álately. And for me, it’s from sort of an unlikely source. Special ed. To tell you the truth, I don’t even know if we’re supposed […]

What I Did Instead of Work I Should Have Been Doing

This one will be short, because I’m going to bed early. It was a rough weekend. The wife went out of town this weekend, leaving the boy and I to our own devices. We went to the climbing gym, and were literally the only ones there. It’s a co-op, so there aren’t any employees, and […]


More grumbling… How about this classic? You give in to much pleading and allow something to be turned in very late. After-everyone-else’s-has-been-graded-(none-too-quickly)-and-returned kind of late. And then…THE NEXT DAY, you start getting pestered, “Have you graded that yet?” I’ll get right on it. Grumble… Or this one: You get handed a pile of stapled work. […]


“How long have you been doing it like this?” “Years and years.” “And you’ve never had a problem before?” “Never.” I don’t know about you, but this is my 21st year of teaching and my 18th year at the same school, and I have been having the above conversation more in the last couple of […]

Grandma’s Hose

Just a little circle-time sharing… One of my classes just loves to share. I keep telling them I don’t care, but…they keep sharing anyway… I’ve had to institute the “WTP?” rule. What’s the point? “Last night, I ate Chinese food.” “Thanks for sharing. And the point is…?” “Ummm. I thought the Kung Pao chicken was […]