MCTV is Live

“Yes, the camera is STILL streaming. Pretend you’re on Survivor and ignore it.” Alas, that is rather impossible for the seventh grade animal. The experiment continues apace. We’ve been live-streaming every period for about a week now. I even left the camera on a couple of times overnight. One of the kids wanted to watch […]

My Classroom Crew (Inanimate Division)

If you’re a regular reader (I know there are at least three of you), you know that I rely heavily on the work of my loyal and diligent student assistants. They are all better organized and neater than I am, and they allow me to get a whole lot more done and a whole lot […]

Follow the Plan, Stan (Sub Tips)

I had a sub a week or so ago who went off plan. hrrrm. Dear Guest Teacher, If you are a noob teacher, out there subbing (sorry, guest teachering) your heart out and trying get a foothold on a full time gig, and you’re reading this? Don’t do that. We don’t forget. If you’re just […]

Quiz Show!

We finished The Outsiders on Wednesday and today was Outsiders Jeopardy day. I have a webpage with a grid of 12 categories, each with 7 questions, that I use as a fun finale/review/recap before we move on to the next book. The kids are in groups, and most years I just rotate clockwise through the groups, […]

Old Guy Alert

OK. All of a sudden this year, as we are reading The Outsiders, I am having to explain (or GoogleUp-on-the-big-screen*), all kinds of things I have never had to explain before. Up until this year, the references I had to stop and talk about were always pretty much the same ones. You know, the ones they put into […]

Were There Also Yessies?

We have a new candidate for greatest misspelling ever. And the sweet irony of it is that it surfaced during a spelling test. Plus, I think I came up with a new catch phrase (for that class anyway). I have them reading non-fiction for their independent KBAR book. That’s sort of one of the “big” […]

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