Somebody Stepped on a Butterfly

“I don’t try to predict the future, I try to prevent it.” -Ray Bradbury. Ray Bradbury was as good as The Onion at predicting the future. Too bad he couldn’t actually prevent it this time. I have been in denial long enough. Somebody went time-travel hunting on November 9th, stepped off the Path, and killed […]

The Right Tool for the Job

Last week we read that famous Ray Bradbury time travel story, “A Sound of Thunder.” More on the prescience of that 1952 classic in the next post, but every time I intro this one I always say how pretty much every time travel story/movie/etc. since has ripped off or payed homage to this story. Back […]


We were going over this week’s academic words pretest today, and when we got to the word integral, I was searching for a way to differentiate it from inherent, which is another word this week. “Inherent is sort of like ‘built-in,’ part of the …being of something. Like…you were all born inherently good, unless there […]

Playing God II

OK, I’m finally going to finish the bomb shelter story. Maybe. After we finished The Giver, we had a couple of days before Christmas to sort of debrief and discuss. We talked about “the end justifying the means” and such, and if it is OK to sacrifice one innocent to save multiple others. (Here’s Part […]