Rerun: PIA -3 (2011)

Tomorrow is Friday; test day. Tomorrow will be Test #15, because we are in the 15th week of school, and we have a test every week. But this being junior high and all, there are still those getting used to the idea. “What are we doing today?” “What day is it?” “Friday!” “And…?” “It’s Friday!” […]

Rerun: Dr. Crankenstein (2010)

I’ve been a little cranky lately. The sticks and swords are out a lot more often, and the growling has gotten more frequent. I’m having trouble myself coping with annoying people without punching them in the face. Maybe it’s the time of year. Six years ago at this time, I was also cranky. Maybe it’s […]

Rerun: Open Mouth Democracy (2009)

When I wrote the post below back in 2009, I had no idea that our democracy would completely implode this year. Somehow the “correct answer” didn’t float to the surface when it mattered most. sigh. Anyway, this one is from back when I used to do a full-blown 5-6 page research paper thing. And one […]

Rerun: Sunny (2009)

Another fave student from the past story. This one is from 2009. Sunny. I have one class that has 20 girls and only 7 boys in it. Obviously this class has a different dynamic, as they say, from my other classes… (Grammar Tip: I just backspaced, and changed “different…than” to “different…from.” It’s “larger than,” and […]

Rerun: Politeness Girl (2008)

The chorus of “thank yous” at the end of class has become sort of de rigueur these days–and it sorta bugs to tell you the truth–but back in aught-eight, it was pretty¬†cutting edge for a student to say that. Oh how I miss Politeness Girl. She actually meant it when she said thank you. One […]

Did You Ride Your Bike?

I don’t usually do two reruns in a row, but today I got, I mean received, the first flurry of ¬†one of the specialties of the seventh grade critter: questions that they should already know the answers to. The first one was the perennial classic, “Did you ride your bike?” This as they gaze upon […]

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