Rerun: Politeness Girl (2008)

The chorus of “thank yous” at the end of class has become sort of de rigueur these days–and it sorta bugs to tell you the truth–but back in aught-eight, it was pretty cutting edge for a student to say that. Oh how I miss Politeness Girl. She actually meant it when she said thank you. One […]

Did You Ride Your Bike?

I don’t usually do two reruns in a row, but today I got, I mean received, the first flurry of  one of the specialties of the seventh grade critter: questions that they should already know the answers to. The first one was the perennial classic, “Did you ride your bike?” This as they gaze upon […]

My Name is mrC and I Have ADHD (Rerun 2011)

So far this year I have had two kids come up to me and tell me they had ADD/ADHD and had trouble with focus and organization. Really? Gawd how times have changed.  I can’t imagine walking up to Sr. Enda back in the 1970s and giving her ammunition like that. “So, MISTER Coward seems to […]

Discipline? Umm, I Don’t Usually Have a Problem With That. (Rerun)

One of the things I remember always being asked, when I last actually had to interview for a job back in the day, was about my “discipline” policy. At one of my first interviews, at least half of it was devoted to how I would handle certain “scenarios.” I kept insisting that those things hadn’t […]

Survivor is Back! Time for a Rerun.

It’s season #27 for Survivor. I have to admit I have seen pretty much every episode of every season. At two seasons a year, this is year 14.  About 14 years ago, I remember reading a blurb in the paper (back when we still got a physical paper on the porch) about this new survival […]

BTSN Rerun

Back to School Night #21. Big crowd. Today’s column was mostly going to be a scan/pic of my hastily scrawled notes for this year’s gig. I must say that I really outdid myself in several areas, sheer sloppiness being one of those areas. And it really paid off. I think it was one of the […]

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