Rerun: PIA -3 (2011)

Tomorrow is Friday; test day. Tomorrow will be Test #15, because we are in the 15th week of school, and we have a test every week. But this being junior high and all, there are still those getting used to the idea. “What are we doing today?” “What day is it?” “Friday!” “And…?” “It’s Friday!” […]

We’ll Get to Know Each Other Plenty, Believe Me

Day One. Year 24. Really? Already? As I said awhile back, we have a lot of noob and semi-noob teachers this year. ALSO one of the things our management wants to emphasize this year is that ever-popular student/school “connection.” So it seems we have a lot of people beginning the year with “team-building activities” and “getting-to-know-you […]

Professor Picanumba

Every Friday is test day. And like everything in my class, there’s a routine. First: They record their warm up scores, squiggles on handouts, and extra credit for the week in a form at the top of the test. Like this: Test 8. Name:                                                                       Date:                        Period: Sentence Combining:___/10   Spelling Crossword: ___/10 […]