Whose Perfect Day?

The old-timers around here know that I have a test every Friday. There are several reasons for this: I like to teach to the test. If your test is good, it’s a good thing to teach to it. I usually work backwards from Friday’s test when I am planning for the week. This is part of […]

Rerun: PIA -3 (2011)

Tomorrow is Friday; test day. Tomorrow will be Test #15, because we are in the 15th week of school, and we have a test every week. But this being junior high and all, there are still those getting used to the idea. “What are we doing today?” “What day is it?” “Friday!” “And…?” “It’s Friday!” […]

Pavlov’s Dawgs

Backstory: A while back one of the vocab words was elicit. And one of the practice sentences was: Every time Dr. Pavlov rang a bell, he _____(ed) a response from the dog, who thought he was going to be fed. And as we went over it I told the story of the conditioned response; you […]

Did I just hear YOU say that?

We’re working on apostrophes. The holiday’s are coming and its the time of year that lot’s of people start sending cards saying things like “Season’s Greeting’s from the Wright’s.” Sigh. At least they got one right. So on the warm up the other day I include the following: The ____ front yard has the best […]

I Get Paid the Same…

Today I was giving every kid a drive-by, checking vocabulary homework. I am all about the vocabulary, baby. As (I think) Ray Bradbury said, “You can’t think the thoughts if you don’t know the words.” The big-haired consultant lady we were subjected to for over a year even finally admitted, after months of jabbering about other […]

Yeah, I Think He’s the Guy

Quick, who was the 14th President of the United States? Don’t be opening a new tab to look it up now. If your cafeteria carried snacks with “Education in Every Bite,” you’d already know. You’d also know that Spanish for apple is manzana. And that the capital of South Dakota is Pierre. (Really?!)  Friday I […]

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