I have found┬ámany curbside treasures on my afternoon skate over the years. Examples include: sets of vintage TV trays, bicycles, a giant paper-mache rocket ship (7 feet high–wish I still had that thing), high-end patio furniture, a nice stained-glass lamp, the yellow dog-mascot of my classroom, a cast-iron clawfoot bathtub, a stage spotlight, a treadmill, […]

I Saw You! (Revisited)

One of the beauties of this job is that every day is different. There’s always something going on, or a crisis or silliness or whatever. However, in some ways, things around here never change. Back in the early days of this blog, I wrote a post called “Masters of the Obvious, 10/27/10”: Let’s begin with […]


Since we read The Outsiders aloud in class, it happens that some classes get out ahead of others in their progress through the book. Some classes are just faster with the vocab or they ask fewer questions about the instructions or whatever, but it means that in some periods we end up with more time […]

“Dear Mr. Coward, I just checked Einstein’s grade…”

I was an early advocate for posting grades online. In fact, our site was the first school in the district to have a majority of the teachers posting grades and homework online, thank you very much. We were several years ahead of even the high school. I remember parents who were used to having easy […]

500th Post! And a Couple of Firsts.

Waitaminnit! I just went and looked, and the first posts on this here blog were all the way back in 2008. Nine years?! 500 posts?! Ok, some are reruns (mebbe 10-15%), but still… 270,000+ words! But enough looking backward… Although today’s post does have a bunch of links to some old classics from over the […]

Whose Perfect Day?

The old-timers around here know that I have a test every Friday. There are several reasons for this: I like to teach to the test. If your test is good, it’s a good thing to teach to it. I usually work backwards from Friday’s test when I am planning for the week. This is┬ápart of […]

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