The Right Tool for the Job

Last week we read that famous Ray Bradbury time travel story, “A Sound of Thunder.” More on the prescience of that 1952 classic in the next post, but every time I intro this one I always say how pretty much every time travel story/movie/etc. since has ripped off or payed homage to this story. Back […]

Argh…Sometimes I Hate Computers!

…even new ones. See you tomorrow. (Guess I coulda’ used Twitter for something like that, huh? Or Springface.)

What if they…? (The Gas Effect.)

The hand is better. I’m not The Craw any more. (I hope the vintage Get Smart reference doesn’t date me too much.) It’s not all the way better, I still don’t have use of my most important finger for bicycling in traffic, and I still can’t actually pick up much of anything with it, but […]