Report Card Day (Rerun 2011)

We just finished the first quarter. I know, really? That was so fast. Glad it’s not just me.  Anyway, grades get sent home this week. “Looks like you should start doggin’ the mailman around Thursday.” That used to be my standard joke line whenever it was report card time. You know, the old intercepting the […]

Is That Good? Or Bad?

Where have you guys been? What? I’ve been here the whole time. What are you talking about? I’ve been a little distracted lately; the weather has been soooo good. Sorry to make you people who live in other places besides Paradise jealous, but it was 82 degrees on December 1st. I skated the empty streets […]

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Questions

Last week the management didn’t exactly think out the assembly times, and so on the day of the show we ended up with one period that was significantly longer than the others. Like about 25 or 30 minutes longer. We have to do all our assemblies twice because we can’t fit all of the kids into our […]

mrC’s 7th Grade Report Card

Of course my parental units also had to visit for my fittieth. (I tell the kids that as a certified English teacher, I have a license to make up and misuse words. Most of them believe it.)  And here’s Mom sporting my 7th grade report card from the school year 1973-1974. So let’s deconstruct this “artifact.”   […]

His Father’s Son. (Also: Collaboration.)

This past weekend was my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary party. (I was the firstborn son, so you can do the math as far as age is concerned.)  I actually drove to Sacramento for the weekend. It all went smoothly. I’ll spare you the recap, except… Before the party on Saturday night, there was a renewal of vows […]

The New (but really old) Quiet Stick

“The school-master, always severe, grew severer and more exacting than ever, for he wanted the school to make a good showing on ‘Examination’ day. His rod and his ferule were seldom idle now — at least among the smaller pupils.”  -Mark Twain in Tom Sawyer There is a common misconception about the nuns back in […]

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