A New Part of Speech

Today, we were working on dependent and independent clauses. The bonus question on the warm up was: When you use a dependent clause as a “sentence,” that mistake is called a ________ . The answer we are looking for is “fragment.” Ok, so… One of the things I like to do is give hints about […]

A New Language

When we come back from Christmas break, every year it’s the same thing: a combination of “it’s like we were never gone” and “I can’t remember where I sit.” Literally. This year was no exception. At least six or eight of them wandered around trying to trigger memories of seating familiarity, and a couple finally just gave […]

Ouch Indeed

This is a flashback to last spring. I had intended to post this right after it happened, but you know how things can get a little hectic in junior high in the spring. I was an astronaut for awhile there. But I remembered this one yesterday while I was telling the family the cereal killer story. […]

Juice Bar?

Just another hole in the Swiss cheese that is my seventh graders’ knowledge of the world… Right before spring break, our school does its annual big fund-raiser. We do a 3-mile run. But we totally circumvent the whole pledge-a-certain-amount-per-mile-or-per-lap thing. We just ask for cash straight up. No gathering pledges and telling everyone that yes, you […]

Eight Things

I am lagging in so many areas lately, so don’t take it personally that this blog is one of them. Here’s the latest… 1. I had been thinking that this year’s crew was too nice and gentle and friendly to offer much comedy relief/material, but I was wrong. They are still seventh graders after all. […]

Just the Right Balance

As I have said, I think that so far this is the politest bunch…EVER. I know there is (almost) always a honeymoon period, but this feels like more than that. Half of them still say, “Thank you Mr. Coward” as they leave the class, and most of those actually mean it. I have the cutest […]

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