The Good Sub

I had a sub last Tuesday. Usually, I can tell by the length of the note how much I will like the guest teacher (which is what we call them round these parts). In my eyes, there is a direct correlation between the length and detail of the note and the quality of the sub. Obviously […]

Follow the Plan, Stan (Sub Tips)

I had a sub a week or so ago who went off plan. hrrrm. Dear Guest Teacher, If you are a noob teacher, out there subbing (sorry, guest teachering) your heart out and trying get a foothold on a full time gig, and you’re reading this? Don’t do that. We don’t forget. If you’re just […]

Is That Good? Or Bad?

Where have you guys been? What? I’ve been here the whole time. What are you talking about? I’ve been a little distracted lately; the weather has been soooo good. Sorry to make you people who live in other places besides Paradise jealous, but it was 82 degrees on December 1st. I skated the empty streets […]

Eight Things

I am lagging in so many areas lately, so don’t take it personally that this blog is one of them. Here’s the latest… 1. I had been thinking that this year’s crew was too nice and gentle and friendly to offer much comedy relief/material, but I was wrong. They are still seventh graders after all. […]

The Island of Pens: How NOT to Sub

I’ve been camping at an undisclosed location since Friday, I have a stack of research papers turned in Thursday that I haven’t even looked at yet (thus upping my 10-a-day reading quota to about 13 or 14), and I have a new Christopher Buckley book (They Eat Puppies, Don’t They?) I’m halfway through that I would like […]

Vegas, Baby

I haven’t taken off  three days of instruction since I don’t know when. Sure, I did bolt for three days once (also to Vegas…for the boy’s fourth birthday) while the kids were in the library “researching.” That time I figured that between the sub, the librarian, and her hard-a**ed (in a good way) aide, things […]

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