Go Visiting!

I had my annual “Goals Meeting” with my principal the other day. In our district, you get the full “Evaluation” every other year, and in between you have to have an educational goal for the year with a meeting at each end of the year more or less. I’m on the off year, and my […]

As If

Many of you have probably seen it already, but this wouldn’t be a teacher blog if I didn’t post a link to this video. Key and Peele do a great imitation of SportsCenter but tweak it so it’s about teachers getting boatloads of money and being idolized and followed by the masses. “I’m pleased to announce […]

Near As I Can Figure, TFA Sucks

Today, some geniuses in one class were doing the old “what if I” game with me, trying to dream up scenarios where they might be able to circumvent the rules/regulations in my class. “What if I had my friend… What if my mom…” and etc. God forbid they were surprised to find that I not […]

Even “Disneyland” is in Danger (Part 1)

First off, I am liking the idea of the “crosstalk” in the comments.  This back and forth without me is looking pretty groovy. (Also I am interested in the role that weather plays in the school year in places where they actually have weather.) It got me thinking  I could install some discussion board software and […]

And So It Begins…Sort of

The union vote on our new teacher evaluation system isn’t final yet, but our admins are going under the assumption that it will pass, so the process has started its roll downhill. I say downhill not in the sense of getting worse and worse (who knows about that yet), but in the sense of moving […]

Playing Catch Up (Not Mustard)

Is it really Wednesday again already? Dunno what is so different this year, but everything seems just a tad rushed this time around. I’ve been running out of time in classes a lot this year, which isn’t like me at all. I figure I’m at least a couple of days behind where I’d like to […]

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