Whose Perfect Day?

The old-timers around here know that I have a test every Friday. There are several reasons for this: I like to teach to the test. If your test is good, it’s a good thing to teach to it. I usually work backwards from Friday’s test when I am planning for the week. This is part of […]

Open Mouth Returns (Part One), but the Revolution Will NOT Be Televised

Alas, MCTV is now defunct. Let’s just say this: Issues were raised. My free trial with uStream was about to run out. See #1. Watch me go all passive voice here for a bit. It was pointed out that certain objections might be raised, and that there were some parents (even those who might not have […]

Speaking of…

Eighth grader designs standardized test that slams standardized tests. From the Washington Post. I’ll be back later.

Even “Disneyland” is in Danger (Part 1)

First off, I am liking the idea of the “crosstalk” in the comments.  This back and forth without me is looking pretty groovy. (Also I am interested in the role that weather plays in the school year in places where they actually have weather.) It got me thinking  I could install some discussion board software and […]

OK, I have been lagging, but this is my 400th post! (Also: Husker Du?)

Sort of. That counts reruns. I know it’s been awhile, but I have some fresh material, I promise. We are hard upon spring break. Way too early this year for me, but as always, we’ll take ’em where we get ’em. Currently reading the Ray Bradbury story “The Earth Men” from The Martian Chronicles. Love […]

The Other Side of the Story

You know the scoring session from last time? Here’s what officially happened, according to the blog post from our Instructional Services Learning and Achievement department: On May 22, English teachers from across our district came together for our final common assessment scoring day. With the new Common Core emphasis on argumentation, we engaged in thoughtful […]

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