Still My Favorite Book!

It’s Alive! This blog that is. Nope, still not dead. Mebbe a bit sluggish, but… Spoiler Alert: This post even has The Outsiders in it! So. It’s last Friday, and I am taking the day off to drive 90 miles each way to pick up a huge assortment of vintage, metal kitchen cabinets. Very cool and […]

Follow the Plan, Stan (Sub Tips)

I had a sub a week or so ago who went off plan. hrrrm. Dear Guest Teacher, If you are a noob teacher, out there subbing (sorry, guest teachering) your heart out and trying get a foothold on a full time gig, and you’re reading this? Don’t do that. We don’t forget. If you’re just […]

Old Guy Alert

OK. All of a sudden this year, as we are reading The Outsiders, I am having to explain (or GoogleUp-on-the-big-screen*), all kinds of things I have never had to explain before. Up until this year, the references I had to stop and talk about were always pretty much the same ones. You know, the ones they put into […]

I Just Remembered the Name of This Blog (Also: Vegas)

I have a real excuse this time for the latest posting drought. I took myself to Vegas for four days for my birthday. Yup, just me. All by my own bad self. I know it sounds sort of weird, but I love Vegas. I got married in Vegas. On Halloween. Yes, it was at one […]

Slow M-ohh-tion

I took a fall skating on Tuesday,  landing on my forearm, jamming my pointy elbow into my rib-cage at 10 mph. In chapter four of The Outsiders, Dally says he cracked a couple of ribs and just needed a place to lay over, after Tim Shepard and he tangled. Then five days later he rescues Jhonny (Thanks for […]

Flashback to 2008 – Friendliest Class Ever

Back in 2008, I had what I like to call my friendly class. They were actually the friendliest class ever. And they really looooved The Outsiders. It was during the discussions about the book that they really came into their own as the friendly and sensitive class. Now, every year about this time, I have […]

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