Open Mouth Returns (Part One), but the Revolution Will NOT Be Televised

Alas, MCTV is now defunct. Let’s just say this: Issues were raised. My free trial with uStream was about to runĀ out. See #1. Watch me go all passive voice here for a bit. It was pointed out that certain objections might be raised, and that there were some parents (even those who might not have […]

I Guess We’ll See How This Goes

My regular(s) have read about my 120 Seconds book reports. If you are not a (the) regular, you can see an example here. This year’s batch, while competent and mostly well prepared, didn’t really “bust a move” for me. They were all pretty conventional. I was hoping for a few more of them to go […]

Off Topic Questions Part I

Way back in the day, I did my last round of student teaching at one of the two high schools in our district. This was when I still thought I wanted to teach high school (silly me), and my cooperating teacher (actually they were called master teachers back then) and I didn’t really see eye […]

One Got Fat?

Six. Thanks for all the groovy comments lately… Today was the last day before winter break. For once I’m not going into vacation with a pile of stuff (the autocorrect got rid of the s I usually put in that word… and it didn’t know from the word autocorrect…ok now it does) to grade, because […]

“What about the butterflies?”

On the second day of Christmas… I had been crabby for the first half of the week for many and various reasons: a “mama bear,” a moron or two, a faculty meeting, the brrrnesss of the weather lately–30 degrees on my bike to school every day this week…really? Really? I thought this was California… But […]

Still Standing…

Been a while, I know… So I’m going all dot dot dot on you. It’s been almost a month–since September 14 to be exact–that the Standing Girl first decided to stand for the whole period. Not all periods. Just mine. And she’s still standing. Just for me. She still won’t say why… She does sit […]

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