Ouch Indeed

This is a flashback to last spring. I had intended to post this right after it happened, but you know how things can get a little hectic in junior high in the spring. I was an astronaut for awhile there. But I remembered this one yesterday while I was telling the family the cereal killer story. […]

Blog It Baby! (Proud to be a “Thief”)

OK, I stole this one. But as all of you know, in this profession, good thieves are almost as valuable as innovators. In fact, I would posit (you see how I just dropped that one in there, getting all debatey on you?) that the thieves are the ones who really spread the good ideas to the […]

Que Milagro! No Five Finger Discounts on Red Pens!

Yesterday something happened that has never happened even once in my 20 years here. I knew these kids were nicer than usual. When we correct shtuff in class, whether it’s trade-and-grade or grade-your-own, I almost always hand out red pens. They are paid for by our department. Even if kids are holding their own, I […]

Writing is Easy!

The wife just sent me a link to a very boss article in The Atlantic about teaching writing in secondary schools. It talks about how all that write-about-yourself and express-yourself and peer-editing (gawd!) shtuff assumed that by just writing and enjoying writing and talking to each other about writing, kids would somehow just “catch” the mechanical […]

Rants and Raves

I have been illin’ on and off (mostly on) for over a week. I  have attended an exquisitely useless meeting,  forced to grind my molars to powder in order not to make enemies of an entire department, the kids are on glue, and Modern Family was a rerun after I stayed up to watch all […]

Failure Story

Usually I like to highlight my many and various triumphs in the classroom, and offer tips for the unwashed masses; you know, success stories. 😉 Let’s call this one a failure story. They say that in science, a failed experiment will teach you as much as one that succeeds, maybe more. Hmmm. Let’s hope so. […]

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