Days since last post: undisclosed.
Days until kids start: 8.
Days until “professional development” begins: -2.
Yes, it has already begun. And oh my, it’s going to be quite a year.

1. Our staff, which had been one of the oldest in the district (and crabbiest and hardest to manage), has been seeing quite a few retirements, movements, and replacements over the past couple of years, and we have hired at least four or five more for this year. Now we have noobs everywhere! Everybody is so perky! When I was hired, our English department was one of the crustiest in the district and that didn’t change for a long time. Now I am the crusty one. Only me and one other guy in the department are the same from three years ago. In that time, our staff’s average age has dropped at least 10-15 years.

2. Yes prof dev has already begun. It’s actually a continuation of last year’s (year long!) slog, in which a consultant lady with large hair tried to herd the cats that are English teachers into using the techniques she machine-gunned at us from her books to create a whole bunch of “common units” that we would all (at both middle schools) agree (under orders from “the district”) to teach and report the assessment scores of. (Try diagramming that bad boy. At least it makes sense, unlike the Donald’s atrocity.) I guess they’re looking to standardize the product a little more. We can’t have parents teacher-shopping now can we? The principals’ story is that we need these commonalities in order to have kind of “professional learning communities” discussions that are all the rage now. Sorry so flip. I am sure it will be fine. Plus you guys get the benefit, because I will post everything online as I use/mutate it. Wait until she takes on our high school teachers this fall.

So Thursday saw me sitting/squirming/squatting/wiggling/doodling as those who got roped into doing the actual work (I did do the vocab parts of most of the units at least) read their units to us. Sigh. There’s some good stuff in there though, so I am looking forward to mutating and integrating it into my shtick.

3. I revamped my seventh grade page. Finally. The previous one was still so very 1997, which is when I started the original. Anyway, I am hoping the new look is easier for the chilluns to mange and navigate. Check it out:

4. I just looked at my class lists to see how big my classes are this year. Biggest: 30. Average:26 or 27. But most importantly… I can hardly believe I am about to type this… I have a kid named Jhonny.