Yesterday morning I woke up to the following message written on the bathroom mirror: “Crush, kill, destroy – in his sleep.” Now let’s all date ourselves, and try to remember where we have heard the phrase “crush, kill, destroy” before. No cheating by Googling (or Binging – but that sounds loud). I’ll give you a minute.

My wife says she wrote that on the mirror to make sure she remembered what I said when I was talking in my sleep. I have known since I was a kid, that though I don’t dream very often, when I do I usually talk about it in my sleep. Three younger brothers will let you know right quick.

Anyway, all I remember dreaming about was a reenactment of my CTEL testing experience, with the lady asking me what was in my clear container (green tea).

“Beer. I thought I might need a cold one while I was testing.”

I remember the guy next to me laughing, and the lady making a funny look and setting my bottle on the back counter, but I don’t remember saying, “Crush, kill, destroy.”

I hope this isn’t a sign; the results of the test are released Sunday after 5. I hope the CKD isn’t a portent of what I will be doing Sunday evening.

So, have you got it yet?

I can now clearly remember spending a good portion of late elementary and junior high school, walking around like an android chanting, “Crush, kill, destroy,” but until the other night, I hadn’t thought about that in years. My wife, not being a fan (she’s a little younger), didn’t recognize the reference, and was justifiably a bit weirded out by her husband chanting CKD in his sleep.

You can watch the original episode here.