It never gets old; the first day of school. This is my 21st year of teaching–19 at my present school–and still I didn’t get more than four or five hours sleep last night. And it’s not like I don’t know what I’m going to do or anything.  This morning I was talking to another English teacher (the one who got me hired 19 years ago, and she had already been teaching for more than ten years before that), and she told me she didn’t sleep a wink last night.

“I never do,” she said.

“My wife didn’t either, what with the boy coming here today, and being in my class and everything.”

“Oh I know all about that. Just tell her that I always need ‘volunteers’ in my classroom. You know, here at school, but not too close to your room…if you know what I mean.”

I do. And Mom is stoked on the idea.

Meanwhile… IF I had time to “tweet” about what I was doing today, and IF I had the inclination to interrupt what I’m doing in order to tell everyone about it, this is probably what it would have looked like:

#Almost forgot seating charts; there goes the morning nap.

#At least there’s coffee cake left in the lounge from yesterday.

#Saw my boy hanging with his homies looking pretty comfy already. Asked me not to hit him with the stick.

#The bells didn’t ring for homie base AGAIN. Am I the only one around here who can tell time? First day of school, wha?

#Screamed by myself before flag salute. Better explain that tomorrow.

#This crew seems a bit too comfortable already. Like it better when they’re a little more deer in the headlights stylie.

#2nd period prep again this year. Not my fave, but I get out of having to deal with “school tours.”

#New servant is good and quiet. And patient. And he can type. He’s the man. Day one anyway.

#Weird looking out at the crowd and seeing my boy. Called on him once. Got it right. Phew.

#First in line for lunch. Made sure the boy was in third period so he could be too.

#Video class day one: fairly chaotic, but the rolly chairs I bought were a hit!

#Maybe the rolly chairs weren’t such a good idea.

#Called on the boy again-he’s in video too. Is that too many times? Got this one right too.

#Having two classrooms flashes me back to the early days–having a different room every period. Dang, left the stick in the video room.

#Sheep video. ’nuff said.

#Last class of the day also smallest: 23. Smallest ever: 12. Smallest ever was also worst ever. Hmmm. Don’t think there’s a connection.

#Buncha them tried to shake hands as they left. Is that a thing now? Did the token fist bump instead.

#Another first day in the books. Easy money. Haha.