The first day is always so… well mostly they sit and stare. Some aren’t used to having to do something on the first day. My “faves” are the ones with the fat binder… WITH NO PAPER! Hello?! What’s up with that? Or toting the giant backpack that half of them could fit in… WITH NOTHING TO WRITE WITH!


I’m getting going on my Outsiders stuff a little earlier this year. We read Motto today, and I divvied the class up into thirds to try to translate how he uses the words cool, dig, and jive. They were a bit (a lot) tentative, but we did OK. Some of them set me up nicely by trying to translate slang with other slang, so we could compare that with looking up vocabulary in the dictionary and having the definition be a word they don’t know either. They seemed to enjoy Geetz Romo, and his explanation of the concept of digging. Wait, they dug it. Dig? And that led us to the new let’s-see-how-they-write-at-the-beginning-of-the-year assignment. I think one will be fun to read.

Here’s today’s agenda. (I hesitate to call it a lesson plan, but…)