We’re working on apostrophes. The holiday’s are coming and its the time of year that lot’s of people start sending cards saying things like “Season’s Greeting’s from the Wright’s.”

Sigh. At least they got one right.

So on the warm up the other day I include the following:

The ____ front yard has the best garden gnome on the street. (Castillo)

The answer we are looking for is Castillos’. But that’s not the point of the story. Most of them got it right by this point. The point is that when I am rambling around the room listening in on the collaboration, I hear this:

“The Cas-STILL-oes front yard…”

I turn and fire,

“Who said that?” The room goes quiet. One brave soul timidly says,

“Said what?”

“Cas-STILL-oes. What gringo said Cas-STILL-oes?”

All the Latino kids giggle when I refer to myself as a gringo, but one wasn’t giggling this time. And there were a bunch of fingers pointed his way. I guess it is possible for a dark-skinned Latino kid to blush.

“Javier?” (With ‘Javier Chacon’ being his blog name.) “Really? Did I just hear YOU say that? Really? Javier Chacon?”

The boy is truly at a loss for words. One of his homies offers that he’s always done stuff like that.

“He said ‘HOE-LA’ the other day… in Spanish class!”

“So I guess there’s only one thing to do… And that is to call you JAYVEEer CHAYcon for the rest of the year.”

The motion was carried unanimously.