I posted earlier this month about reading books on my Palm. I bought several e-books this summer, and I really like being able to carry around a whole buncha books in the palm of my hand (pun intended).

So here’s a survey, dear readers. I haven’t used the survey plug-in in quite a while, and I am very interested in whether you guys have embraced the e-book thang. I’ll be back after you’re done.


One more thing before I turn in. The other day I posted about my wife replacing my busted smell phone. I forgot to say how stoked I am to now have a dummy, a phone I can stash near at hand and, and when/if one of them makes the fatal mistake of taking hers out, I can (with a little practice and a little audience distraction) deftly switch hers out for mine, and dramatically hurl it across the room to explode in a million pieces against my cinder block walls. Or perhaps I could  repeatedly whack it with my stick, like the city of Springfield whacked on snakes on Whacking Day.

I have threatened to do so many times, and actually did chuck one (it survived unscathed – but I still got a little talking to), but now…

I’m almost hoping someone will forget to turn it off.

Now I just need a collection of different colors and styles.