First off, I am liking the idea of the “crosstalk” in the comments.  This back and forth without me is looking pretty groovy. (Also I am interested in the role that weather plays in the school year in places where they actually have weather.) It got me thinking  I could install some discussion board software and get a little “sharing” going on. Then I wouldn’t have to carry the load  around here so much. 😉  There could be sections for questions, tips, stories, etc. You know what I mean. Then there would always be new material even when I’m too busy fixing a pinball machine or watching Modern Family to post about the latest person to tell it like it is about where teaching is heading. What do you three or four think?

Mrs. M posted a link to a post by a teacher warning the youth of today to stay out of the teaching profession. (See? This is the kinda thing we could have going on with a forum: links and recommendations.)

He’s exactly right about so much.

1. He’s exactly right about how corporations are flooding into the education “market.” Pearson practically owns state testing. I am also looking at you Apple. iPads are not the saviors of education. They, in fact, will be the death of it if we allow it. It is a CONSUMING device, not a CREATING device. I am sooooo reminded of the way the parasites make money in the corporate world: WE can do it better, cheaper, and still make money. The problem is that they equate better with cheaper, so the equation goes: WE can do it cheaper, cheaper, and still make money. Cheaper = firing those expensive (!?) anachronisms called teachers who don’t really work anyway, and even computer software can do their job.

2. He’s exactly right about Teach for America. They suck. A. Lot. Don’t even get me started. As bad as teacher education is, this is much worse.

3. He’s exactly right about districts trying “standardize” curricula. OMG. I almost lost it during a meeting earlier this year when I heard,  “Well, BlahBlah school did this, this and this and they raised their STAR scores and API  by blah blah percent. Maybe you should consider that here.”  The “this, this and this” was a refocus of the entire school on raising their API. Drills for everyone, pullouts for practice with EL kids, prizes… OMG, I would go intercontinental ballistic if such a “program” were tried here. Besides, the whole Pearson-sponsored atrocity changes next year anyway. New standards, new tests. Convenient how that works, huh?

More tomorrow; it’s Survivor night.