Just some follow-up on some things I noticed I’ve left hanging.

*Still haven’t heard from the DA about my possible vandalism charge. Wait…I never finished that story, did I?  (Here’s the beginning of the story.)

After the cop came to the school and didn’t get to talk to me, he came to my house the next day, Saturday. I get attitude from the git-go. He says the guy who almost ironed me wants to have me charged with vandalism for making a dent in the side of his truck with my wristguards. Lucky it wasn’t my head, and you’re interviewing me in a hospital bed. Vandalism is a misdemeanor. I won’t go into details, but it wasn’t exactly a pleasant conversation. But the bottom line seemed to be that, with no witnesses except those involved, he had a he said/he said sort of thing on his hands, and was trying to get me to crack and confess. When he left he said he would write up his report, and then the DA’s office would decide whether there was a case or not. Great.

The statute of limitations on charging me is two years. The incident was in February. Supposedly, according to my source at the county, if they decline to prosecute they send a letter. I haven’t received any such letter. But then, another friend of mine with more, shall we say, practical experience with the DA’s office, said that they often don’t get around to sending a letter, and just let it slide by.

*My hand is all better. Almost as good as new. My, ummm, middle finger now sort of slants to the left a little bit, and I still can’t cross my fingers on that hand, but there’s almost no scar and it feels great. (Here’s the original story.)

*I did pass the CTEL test. Put the hurt to it. You people outside of California don’t know what a big deal this whole CLAD certification thing is ’round these parts. There are teachers at my site spending thousand taking classes to avoid the test. A whole bunch more are taking classes from people who have never taken the test (they have their CLAD cert, but that ain’t the same – I passed on the classes and read the book) getting ready for the next test in December. After June in California, if you don’t have a CLAD certificate attached to your credential, it will be almost like not having a credential at all.

*About 40% of the kids got question #40 wrong on the test today.

  • The early death of Hank Williams was a great loss to the music world.  a) True  b) False

OMG. I even called for their attention as they were beginning the test, pointed them all to #40, and said,

“Hank would like to help you out with question #40.” And I made my Hank bobblehead nod yes. Over and over amid great laughter. Then I followed up with,

“And we all know that there’s only one opinion in this room that really matters, don’t we?”

(some genius) “The Raffle King’s!”

“Ha ha. Technically I can’t influence his decision, but I CAN overrule it. So the only opinion that truly matters is yours truly’s. So we’re all clear on the answer to #40?”

Lots of exasperated duhs.

Forty percent. Got. It. Wrong.