For the first couple of weeks this year I was wondering why my first three periods of English were so different from my last period of English. I initially chalked it up to “last period of the day syndrome,” but then I remembered that my last period of the day (6th) this year is video production. Hmmm, fifth period usually doesn’t manifest that syndrome, with its attendant symptoms: lack of homework and notebooks before, general mayhem during, husks of post-op pens, forgotten handouts and binders after.

Then I looked at the numbers:

Period One: 15/26 girls =58%.
Period Two: Nap Time. But my aide is a girl.
Period Three: 17/27 girls = 63%. My best class so far this year.
Period Four: 17/28 girls = 61%.

Wait for it…

Period Five: 7/27 girls =  27%.

I have a theory. Groups of seventh grade boys, without the mitigating presence of a larger group of girls, are a pain in the butt. (Unless they get to run around and around and into each other. Or if there is some sort of ball involved.) The larger the group of boiz, the lower the collective IQ.

It’s been my personal experience since I was in 5th grade.

So… What to do? What to do?

Back Soon.