Yes, I’m back. Yes, I’ma still blogging. Yes, it’s been a while. Hey it was summer, and you all should have lives. Me, I was playing or working on or reading about or talking about (ask the wife) or generally obsessing over pinball. Now, let’s all get back to work. The only other thing I’m going to say is that this year, I’m going to try for shorter posts more often. So there.

Today we had a district-wide “kickoff” in the gym at one of the high schools. We hadn’t had one of those district-wide meet-ups in years, and all the old farts like me couldn’t stop saying stuff like, “Remember when we used to do this every year?”

This one featured former California state senator and former California Superintendent of Education, as well as former hometown boy (his daughter went through our district), Jack O’Connell. Almost the whole school board showed up for this show.

Our Assistant Supe for Instruction did the intro for our supe. He made a joke about the super dropping through the roof on a parachute or a zipline or something, and that’s sort of what it felt like. Then there were the real comedy stylings.

I was (and still am) a big  fan of the old ’70s tv show The Partridge Family. (I am also a big fan of the songs, but that’s beside the point I’m trying to make here.) One of my fave episodes is the one where Danny thinks that the family’s act need jazzing up, so he buys a bunch of old jokes from a washed-up comedy writer, tapes them to the back of his bass, and starts trying to do stand-up comedy between songs at the gigs. Danny actually opens with, “Good evening ladies and germs, I just flew in from Boston, and boy, are my arms tired.”

That’s what it was like. I really admire the effort, and I MUST give the AS props for introducing our universally hated (by literally every teacher in the district) assistant super for business services by saying, “…and everybody’s favorite…” in a deliberately ironic tone. He even dissed the head super in a way that I can’t recall. It was like a G-rated celebrity roast.

Even the recently unemployed JO’C got in on the comedy. He dissed his own basketball skills: Arne Duncan, AKA the US Secretary of Education, burned him for 40 points in the first half of a charity game, some airline employee thought he was Tom Hanks–“More like Forrest Gump”, and  on his first day of being State Superintendent of Ed, he pretended to be talking to the governor on the phone in his new office to impress the person who had just knocked, but it was the phone guy there to hook up the phone he was supposedly shmoozing on.

Har. Har. But I don’t buy the Tom Hanks story.

What the morning was really about though, besides the coffee and snacks, was to roll out the new teacher evaluation system. And for that they had a Stepford Wife.

More manana.